Thursday, April 11, 2013

Recovery was moving along. Things were healing and getting better. Until suddenly I had all the misery of a UTI with the bonus of excruciating back pain.

After spending the night not sleeping, even though for the first night my newborn was sleeping, we went to the E.R. Drek waited in the waiting room while I went it. After a simple test and some quick questions it was declared a massive kidney infection and I was given a shot of antibiotics and a prescription of more antibiotics. 

I went out and found Drek. We got into the car. Before he even turned on the engine I blurted out "they gave me a shot" and burst into tears. I sobbed all the way to the pharmacy, the whole time drek was inside getting it filled, and all the way home. 

Not so much because of the shot (although for a few minutes the injection site hurt more than the kidney pain) but more because of lack of sleep and hormones and such. Also I was still in excruciating pain. 

But a three hour nap and one pill later I felt much better. And we're back to recovering nicely. 


  1. Oh the joys of childbearing! So sorry about the UTI! Glad they could treat it quickly and with just a shot. When DAF was born, I had to get an IV four days later. Hope you heal very fast.

  2. WHAT, you told me you didn't have tear ducts! ;)

  3. It was a shock to me, too.

  4. I'm so happy that your child is healthy, and hope you'll be feeling much better soon. Happy birthdays all around, too.

  5. Just wondering if all is okay; haven't seen new posts lately. Busy mom with two children, hmmm?


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