Wednesday, February 20, 2013

For Whose Sake The Very Sun Doth Shine

Drek left on a business trip the Sunday before Valentine's Day. He was supposed to come back Wednesday the thirteenth, but complications arose and he stayed an extra day. Thus, my real Valentine's Day present was my husband coming home! 

He called around two in the afternoon, saying he was on his way home. When he arrived at five, he had a flower with him!

He has also made reservations at an Italian restaurant we had been to once before and had arranged a baby sitter for Ash. How amazing is that?! For a guy who hates planning/arranging things, he sure did a wonderful job! 

We went to the restaurant and had a wonderful time together. The waitress was an idiot and because of it I ended up accidentally eating meat for the first time in years, but even that could not ruin our date night! 

After dinner Drek said he had bought me a present, which really surprised me. I was still in shock that he had come up with a date idea all by himself, let alone made the reservations and arranged a babysitter. But there was also a present! It was a pearl necklace:
But that's not the amazing part. The amazing part is that back in December,  Drek bought me a few books for Christmas from my "want to read, but the library doesn't have it" list. Two of those book are non fiction books about human trafficking. I'm just getting in to this enormous issue, but already feel very strongly about it. So strongly, I even helped to get a proposition on the ballot for the last election that dealt with human trafficking. Drek bought me those two books, and then read one of them. In the book, he came across NightLight, which is this amazing organization that helps women and children who have been rescued from sex trafficking. 

Drek bought the necklace from NightLight. His purchase goes to support these women and their families. Isn't my husband the best?!  That's got to be one of the most thoughtful gifts a man has ever given a woman. 

And from my last post, the answers are: 

1. Holes

2. Disney's Pocahontas

3. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

4. Love Actually

5. Another amazing gift from a husband to his wife. Pharaoh Ramases II built the Temple of Abu Simbel and on the wall wrote: for Nefertari, for whom the sun rises. 

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