Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Everything I Said. It's Not Real. I Was Just Playing the Game. I Know. And This is Just Losing

For New Year's Eve we had a little party. It was scheduled 4pm-7pm. Because, you know, kids.

It went great! First off, we had it at the church, so we would have enough room for STUFFED ANIMAL DODGEBALL!

But that wasn't the first game we played. First, we played a game I made up:

At the party, have everyone write down their resolution on a piece of paper. Make sure no one writes their name.Add the papers to a hat and pass it around; everyone picks one. One at a time, each person reads their paper as if it were their resolution. The idea of the game is to make people think you drew your own paper (Embellishing, storytelling, explaining are all encouraged!). Everyone then makes a guess as to whom they think that resolution belongs.
If you successfully match up the resolution to the correct owner, +1 point to you.
If you read a resolution and someone votes (incorrectly) that it is yours, +1 point to you per vote
If you guess the reader has his own resolution and you are correct +3 points to you!
If everyone guesses your resolution belongs to you -1 point to you.
If no one guesses your resolution belongs to you -1 point to you.

I think this would work better with a small group of people. We had eleven people playing, and it went a little on the long side. But it was still fun. We did this right after a delicious dinner and snacked on dessert while we were playing. I think that timing was perfect.

Stuffed animal dodge ball was a huge success. Of course. After several rounds it was time for the kids to break the balloon pinata!

I made it by stuffing balloons full of confetti and a few pieces of candy per balloon:. The kids each got to pop one balloon. I brought along a safety pin for the occasion, but it got lost, so we gave the kids a knife. That's not really recommended.

And finally it was time for our countdown! Everyone wore a New Year's hat and got a little plastic champagne cup filled with sparkling cider.  We had those New Year's Eve horn/noisemaker things and the poppers that send streamers flying out. It was great! 

And with our countdown over, it was time to clean-up and get the kids in bed by their 7:30 curfew. What can I say? We party hard over here. 

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  1. I love the game! What might work in a large group is to pick 3 or 4 interesting ones and then have only 3 or 4 people act them out.

    Balloon pinatas! Each child gets to succeed...if they dare. Good game. And the glasses of champagne are so pretty!


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