Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Subtle Hint

October! Happy October! It's October! It's almost Halloween! I love Halloween! I love October!

Yes, I am a bit over-excited. I finished making Drek's Halloween costume, and I'll finish Ash's today. I decorated our yard yesterday, which I have been dying to do since last year:

(ha ha, dying, get it?) After I put the  gravestones up I thought to myself "it's a good thing we haven't landscaped our yard yet, the dead yard makes it so creepy." When Drek got home the first thing he said was "Our yard looks really creepy! Aren't you glad we haven't landscaped it yet?"  There's an upside to everything. 

That is just phase one of our yard. I have three more phases planned. I'll keep you updated. 

Yesterday Drek brought home some pumpkins so we could do our family tradition of painting pumpkins for Family Home Evening! 

This beautiful artwork was done by Drek. 

Ash did this one

And, severely lacking any artistic talent, this one is mine. 

Now where are the pumpkin cookies?


  1. What? No "baby" Pumpkin? Your sonogram looks great. :) I can't see a gender though...

  2. Wait. Is this your "official" announcement? Because if not then that pumpkin is terrifying. If yes, oh! Uh... cute!

  3. Is that an announcement K?

  4. Whoa, your pumpkin is creepy. Awesome, but creepy.


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