Friday, July 27, 2012

For my birthday, my wonderful sister-in-law gave me a humming bird feeder. I hung it up on the clothes line pole right outside the kitchen window so I could see all the hummingbirds.

And then a month went by, and another, and another. I refilled the mixture, thinking I had done it wrong, but still no hummingbirds.

A few weeks ago Drek took down the old clothes line and made me a new one; with metal posts stuck into cement and an actual rope. My clothesline is beautiful!  But in the process he broke the hummingbird feeder. Which was okay; we hadn't seen a single hummingbird anyway.

Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window and was surprised to see not one, but THREE hummingbirds, all in a row, sitting on my clothesline. One of them hovered over the line for a minute before fluttering off, and then the other two followed.



  1. Maybe it just wasn't hummingbird season yet. I wonder what would happen if you put the feeder up now? Better yet, plant perennials that attract them and feed them naturally when they are in bloom.

  2. Maybe the hummingbirds are rebels without a cause. They'll deliberately avoid houses with feeders and flap their wings in military-chant-esque-code, "We don't need no stinking feeders, we don't need no handouts free: we're free birds with feathered leaders and we'll steer clear of EVERYTHING!"

    Because to be honest I don't think birds could come up with very good lyrics. I mean really, they've just been whistling for centuries. It must be a whole new niche for them.


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