Tuesday, December 06, 2011

That's Tom Wolfe. He Uses More Exclamation Points than Any American Author

Ever since my laptop died and was replaced by a desktop with a plug-in keyboard, I have noticed an increasing number on uncapitalized I's in my emails and posts. I blame this on some weird keyboard quirk.

Last week I finally complained to Drek about it and he added that the keyboard drove him crazy because of the positioning of the arrow keys. The next thing I knew Drek and purchased a new keyboard for us and my I's were back to their regular capitalization.

Sadly, yesterday Ash decided that our new keyboard needed a bath. We dried it out best we could, but now I am noticing that I cannot type an exclamation mark or an at symbol. I can type the number one: 1. I can type the number two: 2. but when I add the shift key, nothing is typed. I never realized how much I use exclamation points.

This has created a small problem in that tone isn't expressed in written form, so when I say something like:

Great We can't wait to see you

It comes across as more sarcastic. Huh. Is

Great exclamation point We can't wait to see you exclamation point exclamation point 

any better? Maybe we just need to go back to uncapitalized I's for a while.


  1. You should get one of these, it's the best keyboard to type on, it's clicky and makes you feel like you're doing something serious.

    Also, being blank, it'll force you to become an expert touch typist.

  2. Oh my goodness AC I want that keyboard it is awesome.

    K-La do you want me to get you a keyboard for Christmas? I've been debating what to get you.

  3. It is, perhaps, time to give your keyboard a rice bath. I suggest upside down--spread out the rice on a big pan, set the keyboard down on it (upside down so the rice doesn't get stuck in the keys) and leave it for a couple of days. With luck the rice will suck out the moisture. don't worry; the germs come out when you boil it. :)


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