Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Would a Child Go to the Zoo?

The end of November means the end of our season passes to the zoo. We got them as Ash's Christmas present last year. We've gone about two dozen times and boy, was it worth it! We have loved every zoo trip! Sadly, we will not be renewing, as it's just a little too far to keep driving twice a month. 

We went for the last time today. It was an amazing experience; we happened to be there when they were walking a cheetah, but this time the staff actually stopped to talk to us. I was only two feet away from a cheetah for about five minutes. I could hear it purr. It was AMAZING. 

But it hasn't been my only amazing experience at the zoo. So, for this post, I present my top zoo moments (not necessarily in order): 

Baby Hippo water ballet: 

The best exhibit in the zoo: The otters. I LOVE this exhibit:

Actually seeing a red panda. Because every time I go to the zoo it's always hiding. When this one was actually out and eating it's lunch, I nearly had a heart attack:

Watching a Cheetah run seventy miles per hour


  1. I never knew hippos were so active. It gives new meaning to ball-et.

    Otters are so much fun.

    I too love red pandas. They are so tiny and cute!

    They say cheetahs never win, but that looked like a winner to me! And the last video? There's a ch-ch-ch---never mind it's gone. (My grandpa used to say that about squ---squ--squirrels, but the ones in my new town are kind of slowpokes.)

  2. GASP! Those pictures and videos are adorable, and you got to hear a cheetah purr!

    That's so cool!

    I'm glad you got so much use out of your zoo passes. What great memories!


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